Born on the Tides of Forgiveness

A mass of logs swirl in the cove
the cyclonic force of the tide
carrying the raft of trees out into the channel
as effortlessly as they were brought in
the reciprocal flow of energy balancing
opening and closing the doors of creation
vast spiraling currents feeding and being fed
loving and being loved by the tenderness of Earth
father and mother to us all in this time
when the debris, the massive waste
strewn behind our shining machine
must be lifted from the stones of survival
into the broad and fast moving current
of what will come forth as surely as the child
for the contractions have begun
Her waters broken open and flowing
all of creation born again
on the powerful tides of forgiveness
into the unknown beauty awaiting.

Waldron Island, January 2010


2 Responses to “Born on the Tides of Forgiveness”

  1. Anne Blaney says:


    Another beautiful experience conveyed through your eyes by words, to page, and into our minds’ eye. In colour.

  2. Mary Kobe says:

    …”all of creation born again on the powerful tides of forgiveness….
    makes my heart sing!

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