Yet Blank Pages

Now I’ll gather from the darkness
for you my old friend and ally
a tracing of what may come
untarnished out of the east.
Too easy to lament,
to break down on the journey
while out on the edges
a lone hawk waits high in a tree,
a silver salmon breaks with salt
and begins his last trial.
The ledger where your name is written
and the yet blank pages of your story,
what will you write?
May the deep night guide you
and find you unbroken
with the promise of new light.




photo by Willard Walch


11 Responses to “Yet Blank Pages”

  1. Eric Dunn says:


  2. Bill Lowell says:

    Lovely, Don

  3. Bill Crosman says:

    I see “the promise of new light” in many eyes. Thank you, Don.

  4. Elizabeth Nunn says:

    Yes, what shall I write. I ponder these words as I sit alone in a strange house, in a strange town and state. Nothing is familiar.
    What shall I write.
    I choose to know the deep night as a friend, a place where possibilities gestate and prepare to take form in the light of day. It is I who will do the writing. It is also I who will do the listening in the deep silence of night.
    The promise of new light lifts my unbroken spirit and helps me to trust that which I shall write.

  5. I really loved this. Thx so much.

  6. Bill Gordon says:

    Beautiful thoughts put into words.

    Hope to connect to co-author some more paragraphs, if not pages, together again before all is said and done my friend!

  7. Indeed…what will I write on my blank pages? I will wait and listen for Spirit’s prompt……..

  8. Pichay says:

    Neither my parents nor brother included a “spot” for me in a family plot. The stone of my parents has a ledge where I could “join” them–for history’s sake. On a strip of marble will read: “Son William Incarnated 1942, Ascended 20??” I will leave it for family members to conjecture their words on what is for now….a blank page.

    Back to your poem here, Don. I receive it as a Blessing, deeply thoughtful. Back atcha.

  9. Veronica Lim says:

    Indeed, how easy it is to lament—one need only to read the morning paper. To remain unbroken in the midst of it all, this is our challenge, our invitation. A new dawn is breaking. The first rays are even now appearing. Let us embrace the coming light!

  10. David Barnes says:

    Old Friend – the blueprint I read and the blank page of this day is full of both promise and assurance

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