Deep Rock Island

The night is a mystery
with tides swelling past
in dark shadow,
Mars a red pearl shining,


the dew so heavy
each blade of grass
beads luminescent.


The trees awake
with sun gone down,
sharing knowledge
with the stars.


I could drop into the sea,
wrap myself in darkness
or journey with the trees
to distant light.


Instead I’ll sleep
and struggle in dreams,
a stone for my pillow.


Morning comes,
great father rises in the sky,
birds flutter about
as wind brushes the shore.


I live in light and dark,
opening my throat
for the song from within,


lost and found once more
on the deep rock island.




6 Responses to “Deep Rock Island”

  1. Eric Dunn says:

    Beautiful. Thank you Don!

  2. Very evocative Don! Thanks…

  3. patrick says:

    I love your “i live in the light and the dark, opening my throat for the song within”

  4. Pichay says:

    Let the dam of unconscious crack so the Light can come through. Thank you, Don. btw, the Parker Lab Probe had flyby of Venus Oct. 5, and its flyby of Mars on Nov. 5 will catapult the station to its planned solar orbit, where it will contact data for 7yrs before its return. I wonder…who are we to be “probing” Father Sun?

  5. David Barnes says:

    what a blessing, all that rises into new life, day and night, through deep rock island!

  6. Veronica Lim says:

    Beautiful. I sink into the loveliness of the feeling that surrounds me as I read your words.

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