The Search for Joy

I searched for joy, I did,
sometimes in the wrong places
and some that held a measure.
I searched in the sorrow
of what passed
and painful births
of what was to come.
The trees gave to me
in their unheard voices,
as did the streams
and rock strewn hills.
I thought I’d find it
defeating enemies
but even in victory
joy escaped.
I found it in two daughters
and see it still
in their shining eyes
and in a partner
whose blesses our steps
into each day.
I still search in the night,
walking among the trees
in the blanketing darkness
and on the point beside the sea
as the sun slowly rises.
Yet now that I’m old
I’ve found the hidden place
where it rested all along
like calm water and a fresh breeze
lifting me from within.





19 Responses to “The Search for Joy”

  1. bill dare says:

    The Heart of your latest resonates with mine, Don.

  2. Bill Gordon says:

    Beautiful poem! Thanks so much for the joy your words bring each week!

  3. John Clinton Gray says:


  4. fred & ann says:

    Thank you for this beautiful poem……we enjoyed it so much.

  5. Athena Coleman says:

    So deep and heartfelt, Don. This one brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly with all of us.

  6. Ravenstalk says:

    ::: Deep Joy Revealed ::: Thank You :::

  7. Mark Mahoney says:

    Thanks Don. I’m passing this around to my colleagues who are assembled here in Austria, 50 years since we studied in Innsbruck for our Sophomore year at ND. A perfect time for ghese reflections.

  8. Susan Beckstrom Brisby says:

    Such a beautiful piece Don, thank you

  9. Pete Lepanto says:

    Great poem Don!

  10. Jonah says:

    I’m searching for that J sweetness too and found some in your poem. Thanks Don

  11. Pichay says:

    A Joy upgrade! My prior understanding insufficient. Tomorrow I shall awaken to a new day! Thanks Don. And, what a great photo!

  12. Susan Bennett says:

    Thankyou for another insightful and well woven offering

  13. Absolutely beautiful, Don…and your smiling face says it ALL!

  14. David Barnes says:

    Eureka! Ode to joy!

  15. James says:

    Ode to Joy ! Beautiful reference David Barnes. My mind was immediately transported to that final scene in the movie lmmortal Beloved and it played out for me visually and aurally . I then went to UTube and found that scene and played it. Very Moving.
    When I first read read Don’s poem a slightly less grand but still poignant song popped in my head…Biscuit City.

    I’d like to be in Biscuit City
    With my banjo in my hand
    I don’t need no long vacation
    In some foreign land

    Etc….all relating to the same place which we love.

    Thank you.

  16. Maria Frid says:

    Very touching expression, Don! I keep my eye on beauty and the nature of earthly design….that always opens my heart to joy! Thank you, my friend!

  17. Daniel Meese says:

    Don, I too am a 69′ Domer and I also really enjoyed your poem. I read and re-read it several times, and I smiled each time.

    I must recount my own search for Joy and share it with you. See, I too was searching for Joy in my life for the longest time, and then one day, there it was. I stopped and gasped when I found it. It had been there all along, I just hadn’t noticed.

    I was in the detergent isle at the Price Chopper grocery store in Kansas City when I spotted it. It came in two colors, yellow and green. And to my elation, it also came in an economy size, which I swooped right off the shelf ( you can never get too much, right ? ) . There I was in the detergent Isle holding an Abundance of Joy in my hands. Who ever thought it would be so easy, huh? I mean, any time you want or feel the need for Joy in your life, just run down to the corner store if there is none left in the house.

    A few really cool things I discovered after my purchase are that 1.) Its portable, and you can take Joy with your wherever you go ( it comes in smaller sizes too ), 2.) It is so easy to share your Joy, just pop the top and pour out a little dab for your friends who need a little Joy in their life !, and 3.) you can give a whole bottle of Joy as a gift.

    So, dropping the tongue in cheek for a minute, I actually did take a bottle of Joy to my office and sat it on the window sill. People would come into my office and actually point out to me that I had a bottle of dishwashing detergent on my window sill. This just opened the floodgate and thus followed the whole discussion about having Joy in one’s life, and sharing the Joy. I guarantee that people either left my office thinking I was crazy or they had their minds opened to a whole new concept of finding Joy at the office. But I’m sure they all left smiling. And I smiled too.

    So, spread the word, life is empty without Joy. Go get some !

  18. Jim Ehmke says:

    Love this poem, Don.

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