Under the Miller’s Wheel

Who am I fooling,
the earth broke me
on the wheel of time,
ground me like winter wheat
for the coarsest bread.
Grind some more
I said in my bravado
and the earth was glad to oblige,
passing me under the miller’s wheel
until fine sifted flour.
Now make me food for all that lives
I dared in my foolishness
and again the earth was glad
to bake me in her oven
and serve me to the people.
Buttered and brown
I pass through faceless masses
until a small sad eyed child
receives a crumb, lifetimes pressed
into one moment of bread,
and put to his mouth I am whole.




Walker Evans photograph


18 Responses to “Under the Miller’s Wheel”

  1. Eilish🍓 says:

    I love the imagery in this poem. The playfulness and the depth. A surrender

  2. Don…this poem nourished my soul much like the crumb reaching a hungry sad-eyed boy. Blessings on you for the beauty you bring to the world.

  3. David Barnes says:

    Astonishing and powerful release! Thank you so much, Don

  4. John Albright says:

    So true. And yet we still come through whole. Beautiful, Don

  5. Bill Appel says:

    An ancient image nicely handled.

  6. Yes. Life is a challenging, refining process. Grateful for knowing why.

  7. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Gorgeous and haunting to me, Don — with echoes of the Communion rite — this is my body… You give voice to the selfless giveaway, and the power of a single crumb of life if shared in surrender. Thank you.

  8. MMMHH. Crunchy allegory.. I do like it.

  9. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    It brought tears for me. I echo Lloyd’s response.

  10. Pichay says:

    Each crumb is part of a larger whole that Florence cannot blow or wash away–larger than measureless light years distance. How pathetic if I challenge otherwise.

    My humble gratitude to you Don.

  11. Arrogance ground down…yes!

  12. James says:

    The Miller’s wheel is not for the faint of heart.
    Grind to the texture of incense says I.

  13. Beth Marks says:

    Wow….stunning, Don.

  14. I’m with Beth on this one. Your long, extended metaphor keeps moving through changes as the poem progresses, and that is technique under control of inspiration—not something that a beginner easily masters or even knows is an option.

  15. Concetta Antonelli says:

    This is so beautiful Don, and I feel the imagery in such a visceral way.
    We are all intertwined.

  16. Andrew Shier says:

    Thank you, Don. This poem captures so much…the sacredness of each opportunity.

  17. Maria Frid says:

    “……..now make me food for all that lives……..” I love this, Don!

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