Certain only of uncertainty
I browse the rooftops
with black feathered crows,
seeking sustenance
among the ignored and forgotten.
The ancient temple in ruins,
the one to be a dim-lit dream,
yet within on the altar
of the forever now
shine a thousand candles
lit by untold prayers
of thankfulness.





12 Responses to “Candles”

  1. bill dare says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for Lighting my day, Don:

    From Unknown Nature to Present Opportunities to past visions subconciously embraced to NOW and my open Hearted Gratitude… for all I am and all I share.

  2. Tony Palombo says:

    Your water runs deep, Poet. Refreshingly deep.

  3. Tom Figel says:

    Don, the “crows” show your Pacific Northwest presence, even though I think of them of them as Midwest, and still do. “untold prayers of thankfulness” is exactly right, the prayers that all of us should say. Thanks for good thinking and writing.

  4. In these uncertain times, it is good to know that which is eternal and unchanging.

  5. David Kyle says:

    Speaking the poem out loud there are great turns of rhythm within the images. For me it moves from distress to grace. The photo image is perfect to accompany the poem.

  6. David Barnes says:

    It is a fine poem Don, a gracious gift arriving here at 9:23 am today. Your words scribe an arc across my inner landscape, stretching from certainty to thankfulness, an arc which intersects the light rising above the altar of forever now. How sublime this timeless realm we come to know as the Forever Now. So grateful. db

  7. Sarah Hanson says:

    “Certain only of uncertainty” is just fine……I’m, with you Don…..

  8. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don.

  9. james says:

    What a tightrope walk it is between certainty and uncertainty. Lovely poem.

  10. I hear today, in the flowing of your words, Don, a reflection, kindled and warmed by an eternal Blaze that illuminates the Forever-Now with a Spirit of ever-present, unremitting Forgiveness. My hitherto untold prayers of olde also alight in these present days, with my prayer of Thankfulness, as I humbly admit and remit the simplest, purely noble, and deeply longed-for matter of course — Surrendered Acceptance of that Unending Forgiveness, now Told …

  11. Jim Ehmke says:

    This resonates with me, Don.

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