Bearing Point

Amidst the passing cars
and rush of doing
there is silence,
a bearing point
to comfort and guide.
Look up from your footsteps,
beyond the troubled horizon.
That soft light in the distance,
it is for you.





12 Responses to “Bearing Point”

  1. patrick says:

    Thanks for that still small voice!

  2. Les Sinclair says:

    Very beautiful. I am claiming that soft light in the distance is for me.

  3. susan Brisby says:

    Simply warm and inspiring

  4. Bill Dare says:

    Warms my Heart, Don… salient reminder to me to Love myself so my Love, like your poem, can serve us all.

  5. roger says:


  6. Virgina Schoen says:

    Another great one, thank you Don. Made my day

  7. Pichay says:

    Drivers cannot know the noisy rush of doing, as can one who has no vehicle–a very small minority in the U.S. society of wheels! I take this wonderful poem as a reminder to always be consciously aware of a Bearing Point when I stand at curb -side awaiting a city bus.

  8. And I stand with It — from the silent Bearing Point that I Am — and, from whence of olde, my Soul’s deep longing, so muted on Earth, now abides. Hence, that Soul is warmed, comforted, and guided by the soft Light that kindles my own ancient Longing: — to Bridge the vacuous distances, and Beam Oneness from my Core — United anew, in the ever-shining Radiance of the Liight!

  9. Veronica Lim says:

    Don, the last two lines of this poem provide such a sense of peace. Thank you.

  10. Boom! Straight to the heart…

  11. David Barnes says:

    Don, what a fascinating term – bearing point – which has so many immediately applicable meanings: for example, a shifting in patterns of structure which allows weight to be more-or-less effortlessly born or carried, and thus the burden is light; or a manner or demeanor which bears toward the light rising just above one’s inner or outer horizon; or a compass bearing or orientation point providing assurance of the right direction – as with the Pole Star; or as in one’s own inner and outer self-presentation, demeanor, countenance or stature: the Stature of his or her bearing. And so this is a gracious piece by a poet of noble bearing, a light positioned above the horizon of my daily rounds – nodding toward you with gratitude, brother.

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