Dark Along the Root

With sky clear and cold

the park populates again –

lovers side by side,

infants in their strollers,

the face of an elderly man

alight with recognition;

rain kept them away,

soaking the fallen leaves

and thankful soil,

dropping us into origin,

the mystery within the earth

our fingers will not grasp;

dark along the root,

her ancient song yet singing.


3 Responses to “Dark Along the Root”

  1. Even here in the high desert our soil is saturated with deep, dark old magic I don’t need to remember. The earth holds it sacredly for me as I walk, knowing that my every footprint is imbued with the fresh, new, higher magic of my spirit.

  2. Ron Laws says:

    The rich substance of darkness

    holding in the seasons of change
    the potential for those wonderful forms
    savored in this walk –

    toward the freedom
    which has always been

  3. Mark Dellamano says:

    It’s not in me to raise a poetic response to this but it makes me want to try. Nice poem, Don. More than nice … inspiring.

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