Language of the Night

Trees reach up
to the starlit wheel,
speaking to distant worlds
from the solitude of Earth.
Our loneliness, our fears,
our faith in new life
born upon the open sea,
from the parched ground.
The stars speak back,
brilliant in the night sky,
of communion and distance
with the intensity of light.
Down to the root
their language travels,
of the separation
and future yet to come.
Above the canopy
distance closes.
Owl is witness,
those abroad in darkness,
and quietly they continue
while we sleep.




12 Responses to “Language of the Night”

  1. David Barnes says:

    What a gorgeous and splendid sweep to which our gaze and our experience is turned – the language of the night – and the silvery veils which keep sacred the dark are made transparent to the ears and they eyes that attune to the light and the luminosity of the words of your poem. Thank you Don.

  2. bill dare says:

    Naturally I love your poem, Don… what a view we had of our night sky last Saturday night in the ID Sawtooth mountains… magnificent!

  3. Veronica Lim says:

    Don, without seeking to unravel the meaning of this poem mentally, I feel the wonder, the magic, your words engender in me. Thank you!

  4. “We give Thee Glory … when the Universe of Stars is but a cloak to Thee” …

  5. David Banner says:

    And continue on, they do with love pouring into us here on planet Earth…..

  6. Alice Penwell says:

    You bid me,”Come, Now!
    into potent showering shine.
    Velvet wings unfurl

  7. Tom Figel says:

    Creates a lovely picture, Don.

  8. Gary Miles says:

    Thank you for this.

    It’s so Wonderful to Touch the Reality of what you’ve expressed in and through this, Don. 🙂 Just beautiful, and a Hug Thank You for continuing to create and share so much through your poetry blog mailing list.

    I took the liberty of re-posting this poem (with attribution and link) on my FB page along with my Ambient Flow tune ‘Under Starry Skies’.

    Blessings and Best Wishes, always.

    ~ Gary

  9. Lon Heath says:

    Imagine if the messages from the minds of other worlds travel on the waves of light, to be received, perhaps understood, by trees stretching towards the light.

  10. Maria Frid says:

    The stars speak back giving us hints of the wonderment of the dark……all nature speak to us, we mustn’t forget. Our mission is to emanate in like manner! Thank you, my friend…… always inspire!

  11. Pichay says:

    Most excellent, for a land-locked whisperer standing ankle deep at the edge of the sea. And I–a thousand leagues and more in furthest ocean–guided silently and humbly to meet on this page.

  12. Rodger Hyodo says:


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