One Life

Here in the presence
morning light speaks
on a soft breeze
through the open window –
we are one life, connected
as the leaves of the plum tree,
thankful to the root.





8 Responses to “One Life”

  1. susan Brisby says:

    So concise. A tightly wrapped gift. Beautiful Don!

  2. Virginia Schoen says:

    Dear Don, simply lovely..thanks. We are still here and i do love your poetry. A cou[le of our children like it as well.

  3. More and more I’m knowing the presence of One as I reach out through Love’s radiance to humanity’s journey through recalibration.

  4. Jack Lavelle says:

    And then:

    … bamboo grows wild.
    Hear the wind-rustling like shaken paper? Bamboo.
    Shabby and peeling but erect with greeny health? Bamboo.
    “The zombie of tree-life? Bamboo”—La Rochefoucauld.

    Not to require beauty for survival? Bamboo.
    Not to require syntax for survival? Bamboo.
    Not to require your permission for survival? Bamboo.

    To be wild bamboo is to march in all directions simultaneously.
    Like the expanding universe of legend…

    – from Wild Bamboo, Late August
    By Joyce Carol Oates

  5. Pichay says:

    bamboo is a grass.
    scaffold for high building.
    bridge for truck crossing.
    my brother Don knows a power
    to which bamboo listens.

  6. David Banner says:

    What a beautiful poetic metaphor, Don! Simple and straight to the heart.

  7. In your exquisite symbolism, Don, I again hear the powerful workings of the Four Forces emanating from Presence: — 1) the first Light speaks the Living Word; upon 2).the wings of fine Substance;; through 3) the stable, yet transparent window’s aperture, where Heaven and Earth attune: 4) — at the focus point where we may commune in the One Source of Life, and behold, with pure Praise aund Thanksgiving, the Root of all Creation.

    Again, Don, your verse has drawn the Living Word for me, out the prior realms of the Unspeakable. Grateful am I …

  8. David Barnes says:

    From root to crown the seals are gracefully opening – and behold, this life-filled Creation, of which your poem is one beautiful flower in the Garden of this day. Thank you Don.

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