Language of Light

The tenderness of a soft breeze
dapples the morning sea
across the broad channel.
Seals break surface in their forage,
dolphins show black fins
in rolling breaths
stirring the silence.
On the wind, the water,
the trembling earth,
a new-day testament
begins again,
written without words,
without sound,
in the language of light.





10 Responses to “Language of Light”

  1. Don…this is perfect. Last night my wallet was stolen…I am practicing the title of my book LOVING IT ALL; LIVING WITH AN AWAKENING HEART…

  2. You’ve stirred by poet’s heart with this one, Brother… thank you!

  3. jamail says:

    Hello Don: the soft words truly are as we begin each day, and then the variety of experience stirs and we awaken.Keep those word a-flowing. very nicely once again thanks

  4. David Barnes says:

    Don – Another delightful “new-day testament”, which gives new meaning to the words, “It is written.”

  5. bill dare says:

    Keep on shining, Don. Love the light in you pic, Bro. LU Snowy

  6. David Kyle says:

    The language of light needs to come to us in so many different ways. Thanks for the beauty of your language as it touches the light and the heart within us.

  7. Veronica Lim says:

    Completely magical. Thank you.

  8. Pichay says:

    Thank you Don

  9. PenDell Pittman says:

    As I am compelled to embrace the “ensemble” aspects of your artistry’s making today, Don — and in resonating with the rhythms and timbres of the “Language of Light” — I first view, in its perfection, the surface-breaking and Silence-stirring of those hungry, foraging seals and dolphins, as they explore the ways and means of their own survival, while performing their instinctual functions, as a matter of course, in order to “feed those in their ‘worlds”.

    Then, with bellies filled full, they float, face-up, in the buoyant seawater, — oblivious, maybe even complacent, (if they had emotions, like we humans do) — even in front of the powerful 4 Forces:
    — WATER: (“the broad channel of morning sea”); AIR (“the gentle breeze, in rolling breaths, stirring the silence”); (“the trembling”) EARTH:); and the FIRE (“of a new-day testament that begins again and again” — heralding the ever-consistent Birth of Life, ala the Father’s Fire of Love, and the loving enfoldment of Hers — the true Mother’s Womb — the “new-day Testament, written without words, without sound — in the language of light …”

    As we are, each one, true men and women — not fish, not oblivious, or complacent — but upright, insightful, even-tempered, and (most core), surrendered to the Truth of Love in Living, We Willingly and Ably Serve.

    For “In Him (IS) Life; and the Life (IS) the Light of Men”.
    (The Gospel of John: 1:4)

  10. Alice Penwell says:


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