Earth Deep Sighs

Open as the sea to the broad morning
the sky breaks out in turquoise blue.
Swifts rise and fall, whirl and turn.
Dolphins fish the tideline,
dorsals arcing black against gray water.
Camas wave in bright lit purple
touched by the early breeze.
They live within the tide,
trill through the forest,
seen and unseen
beneath spring green grass,
singing the song of daylight
as the ebb tide rushes south
and earth deep sighs
her born again glory.





9 Responses to “Earth Deep Sighs”

  1. Thanks for this blessing, Don — I really needed this reminder of context — to get out of myself and the troubles of those I love and surrender to that context, at least for a moment.

  2. A wonderful celebration of the glory of the new day!

  3. Tom Figel says:

    Don, this is happiness beautifully expressed. Thanks, and happy Father’s Day.

  4. Nancy Rose Meeker says:


  5. David Barnes says:

    WOW! What a glorious movement. Such fine word-clothing for the exquisite essences of this day known across this turquoise blue shy we share. Thank you for this gift, Don! db

  6. Patrick says:

    Thanks Don! brilliant!

  7. Tom Wilson says:

    Lovely poem, Don. And the photo is magnificent. Ansel Adams Range of Light in both poem and photo. The Oneness in its inexhaustible expressions.


  8. Veronica Lim says:

    Refreshing image, Don. Love it! Thank you.

  9. I live adjacent to two toxic creeks considered “superfund sites.” Plans to re-store “creeks” from “sluggish “ditches,” ad nauseum. In the meantime, copper mining carries on. So, I welcome the nourishment of your words and gratitude for the picturesque reminder of beautiful seascape.

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