Black Feathers

With the sun bright as June,
the land drying but still green,
I’ll launch into the open sky,
find an old crow to hunt with me
and explore the rooftops.
Clouds ripple in waves of white,
blue warmth opens the mountain
to rivers bearing melted snow.
We’ll follow the water,
chase cloud shadows,
maybe visit the sea.
The window is open,
the air alive and cool.
I’ll put on my black feathers.
Crow and I will hunt.





11 Responses to “Black Feathers”

  1. Ravenstalk says:

    Enjoyed the Flight ~ Thank You 🙏

  2. Yes. The window is open. I will put on my black feathers, like my old brother Crow.

  3. Eric Dunn says:

    Take these wings and learn to fly!

  4. Susan Beckstrom says:


  5. T Johansson says:

    I feel the wind in my own feathers…
    Thank you, Spirit Brother!

  6. David Barnes says:

    black crow & raven blue – the air is alive, shape shift with you – caw kraa caw

  7. A joyous spring poem!!!!!!(smile)

  8. Rose Meeker says:

    Love it! Clear imagery, so much motion and joy!

  9. Sylvia McAfee says:

    Such a fun poem!!! We live where the crows fly, talk, holler, bully, dive, and altogether… put on quite a show! We love and enjoy them.. and this was fun to read!

  10. Alon Heath says:

    Faith in the feathers,
    Friend of the crow,
    Remember Icarus,
    Enjoy the flow.

  11. Veronica Lim says:

    Funny thing, Don—this year, for the first time, a crow is visiting my birdbath several times a day to dip bread some neighbor must be setting out. My connection with this clever bird seems almost personal. Now, with the imagery of your poem, I can imagine flying with him over the roof tops and tall trees of Fort Collins, and the feeling and view are breathtaking! Thank you.

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