Christmas Story

Cold winds blow in December,

fire flickering in the chimney draft

as I rethread slowly the unraveling myth

I tell myself about this world

and how I am to walk in it,

a tale I’ve taken apart many times,

removing beliefs that would not hold,

friendships given for a day,

a story to be rewoven each year,

dropped into the womb of winter

with faith in the new babe taking form,

unseen yet dimly felt, stirring

with the strength of earth,

knowing it will soon be born.


4 Responses to “Christmas Story”

  1. Athena Coleman says:

    What a different (and better) world this would be if everyone put even a fraction of this kind of thinking into their lives!

  2. pii Chaii says:

    ‘Tis the story of life, it is.

  3. Isn’t it true how we all must unravel our life to constantly rediscover our eternal self. I love this adventure and on reflection even the low points. I love also connecting with you at this level for it reminds me of the reality that always exist beneath the surface.

  4. Xavier Coleman says:

    Good points to consider and work with in this winter cycle of darkness.

    Blessings to you for providing us this food for thought.

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