Tourmaline and Amethyst

Going down with autumn,
following the rain
along the bedrock
to deep river roots,
the fault line of ages past
marks the way to inner earth,
dark caverns of crystal
where heartbeat and breathing
slow to rest, to learn
the old magic of winter.
Here darkness teaches
to see where there is no light,
where water rises from stone
and the wisdom of silence
hangs in the cool damp air.
In tourmaline and amethyst,
obsidian and malachite
the ancient world
holds the knowledge
of what has been
and may yet be
for the days when the earth
will once again open.




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9 Responses to “Tourmaline and Amethyst”

  1. Ravenstalk says:

    Amen ~ ~ Silence Speaks ~

  2. Susan Beckstrom says:

    This one speaks volumes to me, my house is filled with crystals. Wonderful

  3. Robin Bryant says:

    I love this Don. A beautiful expression from our earth, of what is solid, seasonal, old, and wise. In Silence .. we listen and learn.

  4. Veronica Lim says:


  5. Michele Christie says:

    Deep, penetrating, like this season….thank you!

  6. Giving thanks for both the darkness and the coming of the light!

  7. David Barnes says:

    a Slender Arrow released – the stones, the stones, transform the heart, clear the mind, purify the life stream – that old magic enlivens the Whole Body

  8. Bill Dare says:

    Minerally exquisite and poetically brilliant… the Light always follows Silence, or so it seems to this man.

  9. Tom Figel says:

    Don, this is musical and well-structured. Thank you for sending what you created.

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