Sirius Calling

Sirius visited last night

trailing the Pleiades

and Orion

awakening me

to a sacred manuscript

etched in darkness

of Earth alive

and moving so gracefully

into the depths

of God’s imagination.


6 Responses to “Sirius Calling”

  1. …according to purpose and sacred design.

  2. pii Chaii says:

    First night in my new home, there it was! In place, on time, perfect splendour. Orion is the lover of all who have plied the great oceans
    under sail.

    On this first sighting–an annual event privately sacred to me–I wept
    for a joy I do not wholly understand. Now, I weep again just to manage
    to share this deepest feeling in the safe harbour of your blogspot, Don.
    More…more…is unspeakable, my cheeks awash.

  3. Bill Dare says:

    We are all one… thanks for this beautiful reminder.

  4. Tom says:


    Thanks Don,

    I love the way words flow through you…

  5. miriam says:

    Pure beauty, your words in my mind.
    Thank you….

  6. Chestee says:

    For many years on December 5th I have had a rebirth day and each brings a reminder of who I am and we are. Thank you Don for a poet’s perfect winter gift.

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