Holding Her Sorrow

Fire rages down the dry slopes,
years of sunlight lift in choking smoke,
falling as ash blanketing the valley.
The sun dull orange in a smoke filled haze,
we reach into the burning present
for the ark within the flames,
to find and be the solace
while the old earth cleanses,
holding her sorrow, her trembling hands
as she weeps for what is lost.
There are no words yet for the future.




Photograph by Tristan Fortsch


13 Responses to “Holding Her Sorrow”

  1. Eric says:


  2. Athena Coleman says:

    Your poem beautifully holds these moments of profound sadness. To see the beauty of the earth destroyed so thoughtlessly is especially difficult to bear.

  3. Patrick says:

    Grieving the loss and lost – weeping for the ashes- helpless yet not hopeless..awaiting the resurrection of the Phoenix.

  4. David Banner says:

    Yes, we seem to be at a tipping point, between the sorrow of what is being lost and the uncertainyy of the future……

  5. Eilish says:

    We are all grievingđź’”

  6. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don. I notice there are many in the streets speaking their keenness for the coming of Winter, to cool these flames of now. I say, let us be careful what we ask for. We bring vertical cities in arrogance of permanence. Earth Mother brings impermanence of floods. One way or the other, she restores.

  7. Maria Frid Jimenez says:

    The earth hurts, and I hurt but I know that it is all part of the cleansing so all is well and I continue to work or uncover wholesomeness. Thank you, my friend!

  8. Sunlight and fire mingled interchanging..
    A totally humbling sight to behold and to experience as creatures rush or are rushed away from this conflagration
    The trees stand and endure and eventually with the grace of spirit and mother nature and time will be renewed..
    Grief points us once again to the value of things

  9. edward Haimes says:

    I have experienced two devastating floods, one fire, where I live in the mountains, near Estes Park, Colo. The last flood in 2013 destroyed the roads in and out of my home and I was held up at home for three months. I chose not to evacuate and hiked to Loveland for supplies. Those remaining few who chose to stay are forever bonded by experience in friendship. Somehow the experience though terrifying at times, is not felt as a loss. I see beauty in the fire and flood. We choose our experiences by choosing to live in and with nature and not trying constantly to subdue her. I shall never forget the forces of nature in seeing first hand the power of water and fire. May nature always be the victor.

  10. Tom Wilson says:

    Burning out the contagion of human ignorance and arrogance. You hit it.

  11. Jamail mcKinney says:

    Living in Eugene has been hard this summer, hot days and deep smoke covered us here in this valley near seven major fires. Hot to be in a house, dangerous to be outside and breathing the air you can actually see, but not very far. I sure missed my daily ride along the Willamette, but biking requires deep breathing on any uphill, no matter how elevated even a 15 ft increase. We have been clear for three days but, we have been warned more is coming this week. Hard summer everywhere.

  12. Sylvia McAfee says:

    OH my, Don…brilliant! And, I’m sure inspired by recent events???

  13. David Barnes says:

    the burning present – an ark within the waters, winds and fires – receive the gifts

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