Finding Some Comfort

I wake up with the world,
climbing out of the dream
into the freshening wind.
The tide is already rushing,
seabirds busy on the rocks,
a lone seal fishing in the current.
The day won’t wait for me
which helps defeat gravity once more,
light the gas stove with fuel
that’s come ten thousand miles,
brew tea that began in India,
put in a few drops of honey
from the Oregon highlands
and ignore all this mystery
for a walk out on the point
to greet the sea and the tide that’s moving.
I can feel all the places my bones have been broken,
the arthritis a gift from my ancestors
but next to the stones that kneel in the sea
I’m barely a blip in the long song of time.
Some say we fell from a place on high,
some we rose from the murk and sludge.
I say I’m living, in and out of time,
asleep and awake in the arms of the spirit,
finding some comfort like the grey momma seal
astride a green rock out of the tide,
feeding her pup in the cool morning air.




18 Responses to “Finding Some Comfort”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    Very nicely shared, my Brother.

  2. Finding comfort in beauty is a reliable antidote to the grief and shame I feel when contemplating human ugliness. My greatest comfort is the knowledge that regardless of the game, Nature will always bat last.

  3. David Banner says:

    Yep,here we are with all the ups and downs of 3 dimensional life here on Earth….

  4. Rose Meeker says:

    A graceful poem, Don, and universally relevant. There is beauty and rightness to be touched, no matter where we are.
    Thank you.

  5. Susan Beckstrom says:

    Thank you Don, I really enjoy your work

  6. Jane Halsey says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. And, of course, I LOVE the photo you’ve attached.

  7. Eilish🍓 says:

    I love this feeling of you and Waldron.

  8. Viki V. says:

    Thank you Don for sharing your resonance, groundedness, gratitude and wonder. You are a blessing.

  9. Laura Gordon says:

    Lovely metaphors, rich layering, insightful & most de-Light-ful. Thank you.

  10. Pichay says:

    I will gorge my senses with the deep-hearted beauty of this poetic expression, Don….for a long, long time. Thank you, brother.

  11. Veronica Lim says:

    How you awaken all one’s senses in this refreshing poem, Don! Love it, and thank you.

  12. Athena Coleman says:

    “Finding some comfort”, such an apt title, since this is what it provided me in the reading and re-reading of it. Thank you for sharing your work, Don.

  13. Deeply appreciated

  14. Marco says:

    feels just right. Hits the spot, and scratches the itch.

  15. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    I am only a blip in the long song of time, yes and at the same time I have the ability to merge my awareness with the wisdom of Nature and Spirit, thus opening my awareness to the Great Wisdom that heals. I am so grateful for your beautiful poem, Don!

  16. Elizabeth Nunn says:

    “Asleep and awake in the arms of Spirit.”
    Lots of forgiveness here.
    Thanks for honoring these cycles with your words.

  17. alon heath says:

    The sea and it’s tides, truly an eternal source.

  18. Carol Carlson says:

    Don, are you merging with the tide?

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