Night’s Apron

Before first light
night spreads its apron
upon the lap of the earth
gathering starlight;
while ant sleeps
rare gems of silence
glisten in the dark.




8 Responses to “Night’s Apron”

  1. ravenstalk says:

    Waiting in the Darkness ~ ~ Revelation walks by Smiling ~

  2. David Banner says:

    Elegant and sparse.

  3. Pichay says:

    Sigh….beautiful reminder of my ocean voyages of no light pollution; no building nor mountain blocks—pure apron for 180 degrees longitude. Thank you.

  4. Rose Meeker says:


  5. Valerie BE says:

    Thoughtful image… an apron for the lap of the earth.

  6. I love the sensemessage that nature has secret jobs to do in the between hours.

  7. Jamail McKinney says:

    Regarding the apron, mit also has strings that will be evident on 8/21/17 as the eclipse crosses over here in Oregon cutting a narrow band about 75 miles wide from the Pacific to the Atlantic dark as night for a very short stay. Another wonder of nature, time to wake up!

  8. Bill Dar says:


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