On Saturday Shoulders

The rain came softly

in velvety mist

falling on the wet turf

and our Saturday shoulders

as we watched the match

one grandson streaking forward

another beside me

enjoying the gray clouds

and steady blanket of moisture

no umbrella or parka for him

where home feels like rain

and the way we stand together

heads lifted to the gift

the squish of our rain soaked shoes

sounding in the green grass of autumn.


8 Responses to “On Saturday Shoulders”

  1. David Banner says:

    What a wonderful. soulful poem, Don…..I can feel being there with you!!!!!!

    Love, David

    P.S. I have no grandkids yet and I am bummed!(smile)

  2. Pi Chay says:

    Same same, David. But, I love O-P’s (other people’s) children. With disarming smile and genuine affection I greet parents and their children in numerous public places. I stop by playgrounds and soccer fields and enjoy youth in their exuberance.

    One might think I was a candidate for some office. I am but the keeper of my office–my heart. And these strangers trust me with theirs for that greeting moment. I am a candidate for mutuality that all may fulfill this:
    “There are no such Beings as strangers, only Friends I haven’t met.”

    I am grateful for my own words, Don, and David’s—and in larger gratitude for your words of soulful inspiration.

  3. I’m reminded of my own days watching Sean play Seattle soaked soccer. Ah, memories. Sweet.

  4. gloria rubin says:

    amid the mists of time we remember
    the fall. . .

    Stunning Don, thanks

  5. Jude says:

    i just like it.

  6. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    Lovely scene!

  7. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    Beautiful reflection on a ordinary day. I love the way you can catch the life beneath the surface of ordinary things. Kay

  8. Bill Dare says:

    Thanks for this beautiful sharing, Don. I have another image… that of initiation in the rain on a mountain. 34 New Brothers stepping into the wash of responsibility and on a mission in the world. I trust this will make our world safer for all and my New Brothers will enjoy your vision each in their own way in this new day.


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