December Night

An invisible weight falls like snow,
thickening on hearts frozen
where their better selves lay slain.
Strength once rested
in a straw-filled manger,
needing no adornment,
and I must ask myself
what is it I bring
to this winter night?
I may be alone
under this burden
but I think not.
Despite the frailty of isolation
I reach out from my solitude
with the whisper of a voice,
a gentle reminder
from our common mother,
we are all related,
in the eyes of our father
children newly born.
Light will follow darkness
yet to travel safely
through this long night
I will carry my share
of the burden
and remember always
we are friends.




Photo by Patrick Orleman

Photo by Patrick Orleman


15 Responses to “December Night”

  1. Pichay says:

    Always, Don…Red sky at night, Sailor’s delight.

  2. edward Haimes says:

    Beautiful. Perhaps like the Master, not slain, only unconscious. I trust so. And I would carry with you the burden shared, upholding my sacred gift of life and friendship known with so many. I love and respect you. Peace be with you.

  3. Bill Dar says:

    Felt the connection Bro.

  4. Athena Coleman says:

    Just beautiful.

  5. David Barnes says:

    your poem suggests to me, Don, that this long night provides the womb for the birth of a new order of being – Glory to God in the Highest.

  6. Eric Dunn says:

    Thank you Don. Here in the land of the Maya the memory of past cycles are pressing within me, giving me perspective.

  7. Anna Factor says:

    Beautiful. You are not alone, we are not alone.

  8. Maria Frid says:

    Together we carry our share. I love it!

  9. David Banner says:

    “a gentle reminder from our common mother”…we are not separate from her and all sentient life.

  10. Ronnie Lim says:

    Perfect, Don.

  11. Allen Guisinger says:

    Indeed, we are all related in the eyes of our father — All living things and all inanimate things, as well. Let us live in awareness of that Truth.

  12. I truly understand that feeling…. and am comforted by knowing our shared experience even though separate in space.

  13. Linda Barnes says:

    So fitting of the weather and the isolation and the hope….we are all brothers and sisters.

  14. Yup. Carry my share, remember we’re friends.

  15. David Barnes says:

    my heart is not frozen
    and it lies where my better self lies
    i am with you as we all are
    father and mother sister and brother
    we are all related

    i am conceived
    thrust forth
    the ecstasy of a new order

    remember always
    we are brothers and sisters

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