Suffer the Night

The cauldron comes to boil
laden with the wounded flesh
and broken bones
of ten score generations.
Witches of belief
mind the iron kettle
while grim ogres
without repentance
circle the fire
with hungry eyes.
What was done
to the least of these
rises in the lurid stew
while the air fills
with the dark smoke
of what might have been.
These are the hours
of prophetic night.
Encamped in the shadows
beyond the breaking flames
and cries of the unforgiving
two lonely angels camp in darkness
keeping watch on the infernal.
The hour of sacrifice draws near;
there must be witness.
The fire will burn out,
it always has.
When dawn comes
upon the encampment
of blackened ash
and ill-cast dreams
another voice will speak
the dream of the future.
Animals will gather
as to a running stream
and wilderness will return
bright and untarnished.
Suffer this night
and welcome the day.
The time has come
for revelation.



Left Hand Watercolor by Eilish Hynes

Watercolor by Eilish Hynes


11 Responses to “Suffer the Night”

  1. This poem has brought chills and goose bumps to my skin and tears to my eyes. I feel my heart. Also wanted to add that Eilish’s painting is quite beautiful.

  2. T Johansson says:

    Such a gifted daughter & father… no mistaking the sanctity of this lineage poured upon paper by fertile brush & voice…

  3. David Banner says:

    Yes, it is the time of revelation….the curse of separateness must be cast off and our Oneness with all life revealed.

  4. Athena Coleman says:

    No words from me suffice. I am simply thankful to bear witness to such depth and beauty.

  5. Tony Palombo says:

    Death, the ultimate and complete revelation, comes to every cycle of angelic incarnation in temporal flesh. This poem speaks to my own cycle of incarnation and life’s journey. I’ve known only partial and very limited revelation of my Self in 76 years. Let the fire burn itself out. There’s more to come at the break of the new day dawning.

  6. Eric Dunn says:

    A beautiful poem. My favorite so far!

  7. Robin Bryant says:

    . . .” another voice will speak the dream of the future.” Your poem is precise with inner and outer chaos flaring, all necessary for its demise. In Silence we hear the voices speak, and recognize the language as our own. Yes, we see new life breaking dawn!

  8. Allen Guisinger says:

    My heart breaks for knowing what might have been. You have captured a way to express the horror and the hope.

  9. Andrew Shier says:

    I am moved by this poem, Don, and like Athena, I have no words at present. Thank you, my friend.

  10. Very intense and I have to say Eilish’s watercolor is amazing!. Thank you for including it as it adds a lot to the poem. A town near my brothers home lost 5 people this week in another shooting. It is coming so close. 5 lives lost. I can no longer bear to listen to the news.

    Thank you Don for your role as a witness and an interpreter of our experience. I too have hope.

  11. William Comer says:

    Cracks in the dam of resistance to Truth, rhythmically foretelling a coming we once longed for. And now that we hear its rumble?….are we ready to dance? Who will partner with the One I AM?

    Great Thanks, Don!

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