Simple Stories

Simple stories
rise from the grist
of water washed gravel,
desire revealed
shining and desperate.
We’ve loved, then not,
then loved again.
Nothing complex
but the heartache
search for what we lost
along the rock strewn shore
while the river carries on.
Song in the searching,
melody in the water,
simple stories
told and retold
while the river carries on.



Simple Stories


10 Responses to “Simple Stories”

  1. David Banner says:

    Desire revealed, shining and desperate….the human ego’s story…not realizing that we are loved by Life itself and therefore need desire nothing……

  2. Athena Coleman says:

    This poem is the music that my soul sings to – – –

  3. Doyle says:

    Ah, “…that Ol’ Man River, he just keep rollin’ along.”

    This time of year often brings me back to that “heartache search”. May I (and may we all) sing the “song in the searching” and be healed by the “melody in the water”.

    Thanks, Don.

  4. Maybe they’re deceptively simple…

  5. Marco says:

    At times (as I did today) I sit in nature, often these days burdened with concern for its future. And I listen out for what I might recognize as a similar refrain returning to me, maybe a gentle rebuke, some mild complaint about mankind’s behaviour. I’m always surprised that instead, what I hear from nature is an invitation to join its joyful, trusting, simple enthusiasm for life. At least that’s how it translates to my ears. Simple stories.

  6. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don.

  7. maria says:

    The changing and the unchanging. Both are honoured here. Thanks.

  8. Don, this reminds me that consciousness is always seeking to express through the body instrument and, as Marco did, to let go of the content and join in the river, the current of that which is naturally flowing. Thanks

  9. A mournful and beautiful tune…

  10. Rodger Hyodo says:

    “loved, then not, then loved again”
    on and off, on and off
    self flagellation whips out each “then not”
    leaving red lines of heartache, as signatures

    I prefer to just leave it ‘on’ <3

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