Night World

By day the light upon water

is brilliant and bright

securing the outlines

of what is safe and real;

by night, shimmering on the water

the moon invites the eye to go deep,

everything trembling in this light

speaking through shadows;

if I had the courage

I’d live the night wonder

walking forest paths

with slivers of silver

breaking through the trees

at peace in the stillness

awake from my dreams.


6 Responses to “Night World”

  1. Ron Silver says:

    I am in a particularly reflective mood this morning, perfectly suited to imagining a night, “walking forest paths with slivers of silver breaking through the trees.” Thanks.

  2. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    Tender and thought-provoking…

  3. Bill Dare says:

    And as you question your courage you have what is needed… wander at will throughout the night of your souls yearning.

  4. I love the idea of “living the night wonder.” I’m reminded of a radio program called “the Shadow” whose saying was always- “Who no knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man?” Today as we look at our shadow side we might ask the opposite- Who knows what wonder, what splendor lies dormant in the hearts of man, waiting for that courages one to enter. Loved the poem and its imagery.

  5. Pi Chay says:

    I found some flowers growing up
    Where my lamb fell down
    I accused them there
    With my broken lamb
    They said, “listen to us man..
    It am what it am
    And you, you were a foolish ham.”

    Do not believe me now
    Do not believe me now
    I’m broken down
    By their savage plan.

  6. Elizabeth Nunn says:

    Living in a place where the trees and water are scarce and the coyotes howl nearby, I find it takes wisdom to know where to walk the moon’s path.

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