Challenging the Sun

The stories are harsher

in the pervading gray of concrete

and rumbling thrum of traffic;

the young dad with a jitterbug son

waving his arms to the sky

while dad pushes sister,

the treasury of hope on stroller wheels

skittering over the ribbed sidewalk;

the slightly manic boy juiced on sugar

proclaiming ecstasy like a burgeoning Blake

his message of unrepentant joy

sparking off the passing cars

challenging the sun with human fire,

born as always from the passion,

the marrow of aliveness bright

in the limbs of a wild eyed boy.


5 Responses to “Challenging the Sun”

  1. The treasury of hope, wow what a conecting line. A most recent sculpture to emerge here was at first named “Hope The Nation” has evolved into ” Rebirth of The Nation.” I’ll forward a picture on. Wonderful work Don. Thank You.

  2. Bill Dare says:

    Imagery and remembrance… a strong call to this Elder.

  3. Jude says:

    Having girl juice, still, I love what you saw thrumming above the ribbed sidewalks.

    That fire does rival the sun, for good and ill. We are captivated by it in many forms, forgetting often to look away, to the larger Fire forces and sources.

  4. Thanks, Don. Nice picture of city life that cannot squelch the exuberant joy of being alive…regardless of the setting. Regardless of the sugar. The girl, a treasury of hope. The boy, a bit older and freer, a treasury of expression.
    Man…these kids know how to do it.

  5. Sandy Jensen says:

    Don–I love this! You’ve really worked hard on those active verbs, and it shows! Bravo!

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