Ancient Well

There is a well older than the earth;

when I fail this depth is my nourishment.

I know the animal in strength

the tooth and claw of many wars

and the way my arms can wrap

an innocent heart filled with grief.

The way to understand is to travel,

to discover the frightening possibilities

that come with being human

then with a thread of faith

and the assurance of stone

let down the bucket and draw

the clean water of forgiveness.


5 Responses to “Ancient Well”

  1. Thanks Don, I have been to that well many times. That’s the glory of love without end.

  2. Robin Bryant says:

    This well contains infinite wisdom, a welcome pure
    and enlivening. I’m eager to discover, to surrender, to give
    new life. Thank you for words that ignite my soul.

  3. This poem makes it easier for me to breathe.

  4. Kim Lewis says:

    How often have I longed for that ‘clean water of forgiveness’, finding so many ways to sully it in a moments notice. Self forgiveness goes a long way for me to be able to give it to others. Thanks for your poetic fluency.

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