Bird Nest

In a nest beside my heart
a tiny bird lives,
peeping out to the world,
ready to fly into the unmarked sky.
Who I’ll be when the bird leaves
is the writing of a poem,
words left beside the sea
tasting of salt,
untouched by the wind.



Encaustic painting by Eilish Hynes

Encaustic painting by Eilish Hynes


7 Responses to “Bird Nest”

  1. Athena Coleman says:

    Beautiful, tender and compassionate.

  2. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Lilting heart tones & art !

  3. concetta antonelli says:

    Today, this is a gift, the pairing of poem and painting. Today the yellow finches returned to our garden, flocking to the thistle sock outside our bedroom. Such indescribable joy these messengers bring!

  4. A lovely little lyric, and your daughter’s art knocks me out! Thanks for the link to her website.

  5. Maria Frid says:

    The nest of home sure does produce some fabulous talent! Thank you to the two of you!

  6. Al Massaux says:

    Very artistic, has depth, interesting & intuitive.

  7. Viki Von F?umetti says:

    Beautiful painting Eilish.

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