Light in the Sky

You seem so far away;
when I call you
my voice echoes
in a cavern of stone,
words thick, clogged
with the refuse of belief.
I struggle with deception,
the way I’m fooled
by hunger and despair.
I see you in the distance
coming toward me
with the old familiar look,
the voice of a friend;
you weren’t so far
except through
the glass of the world.
This is the morning
your words say,
ringing off the sky
into the deep clear blue.



Light in the Sky


10 Responses to “Light in the Sky”

  1. John Clinton Gray says:

    Don, for me, “Light in the Sky” plucks the right strings to produce a complex chord around a C-major core. Big music!

  2. Don, I like that you didn’t capitalize “you.” That creates a nice ambiguity between God and/or a beloved. I like your active verbs and punctuation that is accurate to the poem and doesn’t get in the way of meaning. And I love the bell sounding at the end after “struggle” and “clogged.” That contrast brings it all home at the end. 🌞

  3. david banner says:

    Belief CAN clog up interpersonal perception; yet. we can look through the glass of the world and see reality if we are still inside…..

  4. I like your poem a lot. Love the tree image as well. Your poem feels like a glimpse through the veil between us and a parallel reality. I walk there sometimes and the terrain seems familiar.

  5. Thanks Don, I love the rhythm of your poem, always a hidden meaning, like describing the indescribable, the secrete door in your heart-and how we “fool” ourselves to think there is anything else except to accept what we are.

  6. donna r heath says:

    Thank you Don, this spoke so eloqeuntly to me as a friend died by homicide November 25.

  7. Tommy Causey says:

    Don, thanks for the poem. Mysterious, dark, but chilling and beautiful.

  8. Anne Blaney says:

    I hear your voice Don, speaking, almost singing these words, and they ring true and resonant. Thank you!

  9. Rose says:

    Yes. So much is well articulated.

    And I particularly enjoy the comments this time too.

  10. David Barnes says:

    This is a most beautiful poem, Don, an expression of Mastery, enduring evidence of the Presence. As John said – “Big music.” And as David said – “we can look through the glass of the world and see reality if we are still inside.” And as Cheryl said – “a glimpse through the veil.” And as Tommy said – “chilling and beautiful.” And as Rose said – “I particularly enjoy the comments this time too.” And as Anne said – “I hear your voice.” And I would add my Voice to your exquisite poetic Voice expressing through this poem – “Our friendship is Sound.” Play on, Brother! You have a Choir and an Orchestra singing and playing with you.

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