Vanishing Order

In the quiet of dusk
the bugling sound
of an elk herd
over the grassland,
the shadow of a cloud
vanishing in this valley
sliced into the foothills,
their flowing browse
echoing wildness
through the twilight
to their home in the night.




Vanishing Order


5 Responses to “Vanishing Order”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    Being an Ol’ bow hunter, I relate directly from my past and all the wonderful memories of my time in our Mother come back to inform me yet again. Thank you, Brother.

  2. Rose says:

    Yes, their presence is touching and bittersweet. A noble vanishing order. This brings back the experience in the meadows west of Estes, where their herds bring delight and peace.

  3. Do you ever write about all the negative energy out there? All the corruption, ignorance, bigotry, violence in our culture?

  4. admin says:

    I do Grant. I keep a page on Facebook titled “Don Hynes Vantage Point.” I have a website by that name but it hasn’t been very active recently.

    I find I need to separate political writing (and thinking) from my poetic writing. They just don’t mix well for me. In terms of “negative energy,” I do include my own in my poetry but I don’t often publish that in the Journal.

    I should add, this poem is intended as a lament for the vanishing earth and all its creatures. I guess I may not have said it strongly enough, but that is part of my intent.

    Thank you for raising this question.

  5. David Banner says:

    I can feel this one in my heart and soul.

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