Awakening Wind

What stirs the soul
moves the forest,
guides the moon
and trembles the valleys,
flows in rivers
and travels the broad sea
speaking to birds
and fishes, hawks
in the high mountains
and the great herds of Africa.
The altars of pride
are dust to this wind
blessing the poorest
with the touch of awakening,
a tide of emergence
returning the old joy,
carrying us forward
on the path of the Earth
loyal and trusting
as we follow the stars.





15 Responses to “Awakening Wind”

  1. Eric Dunn says:

    I love this one!

  2. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don. I am this week re-reading my sailing voyage journal, These connections are stirring my soul to restore agility for the Dance.

  3. Patick says:

    So resonates with the Autumn season of year and life. Thanks Don

  4. John says:

    Don, such a healthy reminder of what comes as true consciousness is restored…an ease of being with all others swept free of human want. Thanks!

  5. Gloria Rubin says:

    This does stir the soul to comment!
    INDEED…love stirred by the changing tides♥️

  6. Bill Gordon says:

    I am getting in a groove on Sunday mornings looking forward to your poetry. This one was the perfect way to start my day sitting overlooking the Pacific at Morro Bay in California dealing with the emotions of how to best care for my almost 94 year old Mom.

  7. David Banner says:

    Don…I immediately think of what the Pope brought this week as an awakening wind…..

  8. OH, YES! What a lovely “gift” you’ve offered for my 69th birthday, Brother Don!

  9. Bill Dare says:

    Cosmologically attuned as we blow into multidimensionality and sweep back to Source. Brilliant awareness Brother…

  10. Athena Coleman says:

    When I first read this poem I thought, “I want to live in this poem”. Then I realized that you were describing where I live already. I think of you as more than a poet, you are a word-weaver, creating beautiful imagery in each phrase. Thank you so much, Don.

  11. Viki V. says:


  12. I love how this poem is just two well controlled, unfolding sentences, verbs tumbling their meanings down the page!

  13. tom wilson says:

    “The wind that shakes the barley,” “The force that through the green fuse,” praise for the energies of the universe.

    And Sandy says it perfectly of the beautiful unfolding of poem’s structure. Love a well made poem.

  14. Robin Bryant says:

    This certainly invites me to keep stirring my soul .. and feel the unfolding of the invisible journey it takes. In simply responding to ones initial ‘stir’ we connect with that vibrational wave continuously! Quite a dance!

  15. What I saw, as I read this, was cosmic winds of love blowing through the Universe, moving this and that while bending to touch the smallest aspects of life…moving this and that to clear the path of glory.
    I love this wind of the cosmos and of the molecular. What a thrill to know it blows through me.

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