One man has left the earth;
his wolf-dog went before him
scouting the way
on the old journey
into the timeless,
leaving behind
his music,
his trickster,
the joy he fired
from the grief
of his family
to forge a life
on the high mesa,
playing his flute
to the four directions,
to the animals
and desert plants,
playing to the sun rising
and to his greater spirit
lifted now into the invisible
with the sound of his laughter,
the echo of his music
and the mask he carved
on his earth walk
as a warrior and a friend.


Ron Laws Coyos Seeing Hawk Modoc Heritage and Emissary  9/3/42 - 7/2/15 RIP brother

Ron Laws
Coyos Seeing Hawk
Modoc Heritage and Emissary
9/3/42 – 7/2/15
RIP brother


27 Responses to “Coyos”

  1. T Johansson says:

    So beautiful and so fitting, Don… thank you for honoring our dear friend!

  2. Hal Bond says:

    Wonderful tribute, Don.

  3. Pichay says:

    Catch up with you soon, Ron. The wafting of your flute will be my calling.

  4. Robin Bryant says:

    I feel his spirit soaring on eagles wings. Your heartfelt words describe his unique ways of honoring Life, and bless his new beginnings. Thank You Don.

  5. Paul Blythe says:

    Don, You have done it again!
    What can we say who are too busy thinking to notice such wonders in our wonderful world. I am sincere in this sentiment!
    Love and Blessings to a dear friend, Paul

  6. He carried some powerful medicine in his earth-walk. I’m glad to have shared some of it on mine, and glad to wrap him in my blessing in his transition.

  7. bill dare says:

    Ron followed his Heart and set an example by his walk. I carry my Brother, Friend, “uncle” and “Big Brother” in my Heart with Gratitude.

  8. LFJ Gill says:

    Beautifully crafted. Blessing his “greater spirit” on its journey, recalling the echoes of his journey on the earth. I feel as if I had met him, and been his friend. Thank you for sharing this gem–and his spirit–with me.

  9. David Banner says:

    What a joyous tribute to a dear friend this is, Don…..

  10. Sarah Hanson says:

    Such a beautiful tribute Don…..Thank you!

  11. Ellen Faith says:

    Thank you, Don, for the beautiful poem and tribute–a gentle and wise support on Ron’s next walk, the deeper journey. It is more than poetry, as it draws our energy together to accompany him–just the task you set for the poem. Wonderful.

  12. tom wilson says:

    Exquisite poem to a beautiful man, to life, to the energies of transcendence. I would love to have known him in person, but surely feel him in this poem.

  13. David Barnes says:

    Perfect Don – as Ellen said beautifully – Fine words on behalf of all of us who know the Spirit of this One we called Ron. You have done a work that binds us together in the ascending Way, with One Voice, to usher our friend along in gently rising currents into the clear sky and open heaven.

  14. Rich Matkins says:

    Simply beautiful…

  15. Don, I did not know Ron, yet feel I can celebrate his Spirit rising as we
    all must relinquish the earth mask a we walk his same journey in life eternal. Thankfully we never walk alone.

  16. Eilish says:

    So beautiful dad. I feel really lucky to have been blessed with rons freedom. The last time I spoke with him was at the service for David. He looked at me with such joy, total acceptance and saw straight into my art heart. He was a real rebel

  17. Sugeet says:

    Thanks for the poem and reminding us that each should can use the extra love and push from those left behind. You did a service and great beauty and soul.

  18. Darel says:

    Thank You Don….Bulls Eye! Beautiful!

  19. Barry Manderson says:

    Beautifully stated, Don.

  20. Mary Kay says:

    Don, thank you. You expressed Ron’s spirit well. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Andy Armer says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you.

  22. John Walsh says:

    A solid tribute, Don. I’m sorry for your loss of such a wonderful friend.

  23. Frank Urbschat says:

    Thank you, Don and Ron, for inspiring such beautiful words and feelings!!

  24. don this is so wonderful. Our hearts are on the Ground over the cracking and departure of our Brother Ron. His life was one of many diverse and complex beauties. No words can express, the kind man, the seeker,artist, elder, supporter and survived guide that Ron offered. These days I know he dances with Coyo, running free and soaring with the Eagles over his childhood home.
    In his last conversation 3wks ago, he told me he did not know where he was being called but packed his things to get on his bike and Cruz off to Klamath or the Mountains….not knowing what even was the outcome….he wanted to join the Boys to Men’s workshop offering his thoughts and skills as a Elder out of the box of today.
    Will miss this brother. Send blessings to all of us still here.

  25. Bob Able says:

    Very nice Don. You poetry is always so visual to me – my minds eye turns on with the first line. It is a talent few have.

  26. Jim Ehmke says:

    Sweet Don. I never knew Ron but I feel I do now.

  27. Kim says:

    Thanks, Don, for lifting my sad heart. Ron walked numerous paths with me and showed how sincerity, artistry and sacredness can cut through the maze, particularly for young, troubled lives. I’ll keep listening for his music and crazy laugh.

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