Ancient Circle

Now I awaken,
grief and fear
drained from my body,
words of prayer
green as summer
rising with the faith
of sunlight.
Like a black winged crow
brooding on the roof top
I pick at scavenger bits,
cawing to the world
my dissatisfaction,
but today I am stripped,
open like a river,
the voice of the eternal
written on a leaf,
on the sound of a bird.
We come as four nations
in the colors of our skin,
the circle we form
ancient and undying.
I bow as I enter
and take my place
among the stones,
the sea creatures,
the insects,
the humans.
We repent
and sing with joy,
forgive and are forgiven.
This day we dance
and the dance is for life.
Now I awaken.



13 Responses to “Ancient Circle”

  1. David Barnes says:

    The poem is lovely and the message moves me deep, for this is really all that matters, to take my place within the circle — for it is important that awake people be awake — and remain awake

    Thank you Don

  2. David Kyle says:

    Wonderful, heart rending poem for this day, this time in our lives, this age of the darkening crisis. Your words grow in clarity and beauty as your heart opens more deeply to this world and beyond. Thank you, once again my friend and companion, on this life’s journey. Much blessings and joy to you on this long beautiful day.

  3. david banner says:

    Yes…our place in the circle of life….let us remember we are part of the fabric, not the dominators of it…….

  4. Robin Bryant says:

    So perfect for the time we’re in. I can feel our four nations moving towards this circle we are forming now .. “ancient and undying” .. always in celebration of Life!

  5. Mark Dellamano says:

    Your words are a perfect fit for a week that brought us Laudato Si and Charleston. There is no hope unless we seek peace with our brothers and harmony with the earth. Thanks, Don. And Happy Father’s Day!!

  6. Tony Palombo says:

    Ahhhhhh YES! Part of the circle of life. These human forms are but part of the ancient circle while We offer loving dominion from within and above. You have blessed the day, Don. Happy Father’s Day

  7. Pichay says:

    If I step out, will the circle remain unbroken? If I am silent will my place in the circle appear vacant? If I am inside the circle, will a hand reach in to mine? No tsk, tsk. The woundings touch me as deeply, as if by my hand. Only in Spirit, is there continuity.

  8. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    Forgive and are forgiven, words of immense power. Thank you!

  9. tom wilson says:

    Lovely poem, thanks, Don.

  10. Broken open by my own hand, my own choice, I reach deep within and remove more layers I and other put in place. Yes. Reaching the surface, breathing huge gulps of fresh air, I find I never left the circle wherein lies my strength to break and breathe.

  11. Richard Sims says:

    I was given the gift to sit, sing and drum the Ceremonial Drum for the entire Sundance ceremony last week/weekend. I am “awakened” and grateful to come home, with songs in my heart, to these words. Wopila!

  12. Chaz says:

    I’m going through an intense process of finding out exactly what it mean to be “stripped,” so my heart, my soul, my entire Being, is open to take my rightful place – thank you, Don, for the inspiration to persevere!

  13. Ron Laws says:

    Awakening I see the clattering of a mind with its likes, dislikes – I sing in the many circles life brings and in the stillness of her heart I know her words.

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