Moon of Our Gravitation

You raise your cup without looking
assured I will receive it.
This gesture says it all,
how we are together,
no need to tear things down
to feed the beast of not belonging.
Some days the tide runs deep,
the highs and lows much greater.
They say it is the moon
but I wonder about swirling water
and the desire pulling it toward the sea.
The tide it runs so swift,
perhaps we too can be without restraint,
the moon of our gravitation
the touch of your hand
on a teacup.




Waldron Grasses


8 Responses to “Moon of Our Gravitation”

  1. David Barnes says:

    WOW Powerful

    This is how we all may be together

    So grateful that this Wonder is known

    within the interplay of many of us now

    Most Beautiful

    So glad for you & your part in All of This Don

  2. Pichay says:

    Thanks, Don. “…swirling water and the desire pulling it toward the sea.
    The tide it runs so swift,…”

    I just viewed slides of Deception Pass earlier today. Waters, universally represent Truth, in their rush here and there, all to sustain core balance. I raise my cup…of water….of Truth…to salute you in spiritual expression.

  3. bill dare says:

    Thanks,Don… So fine a poem I’ll be days rereading.

  4. Jack leishman says:

    There is a gravity in your writing Don, that pulls me deep into the poems. There is much to absorb here, in this “swirling water”…….

  5. david banner says:

    Ah, yes, trust in the workings of Life itself……

  6. Maria Frid says:

    The wonder of the union of the grand and the small………….so beautiful! Thank you again for touching my heart, Don.

  7. Ron Laws says:

    Gravity felt and its mystery touched, thank you Don

  8. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Yes Don, here is the gift of being present in this moment.

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