Full Tide of Her Presence

The sea is a flowing gown

diaphanous and filled with light

behind her subtle movements

a touch of all that was intended

in a moment of extraordinary birth.

Beneath the surface, within

a seed clothed by the fruit

the eminence of all this life will be

when the old hunger dissolves

and the full tide of her presence

floods our souls with the peace

of one desire.


8 Responses to “Full Tide of Her Presence”

  1. Randy Hobbs says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!!

  2. A beautiful image bringing to mind the beloved, dieing into love, surrendering into all that is.

  3. How precious these words of jewel like quality thank you.

  4. This poem brought tears to my eyes. I know the peace of one desire and it sates me. Thank you for the beautiful imagery of this piece.

  5. Farroel says:

    Don, just remarkably beautiful. Imagery unforgetable. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Thanks, Don. Love seeing old hunger dissolve as it always left one wanting more. Once gone, we are satiated with the lack of want…which is peace.

  7. donna says:

    So beautiful! Our mother ocean birth of all. holds deep peace joined to all being. Your poetry so often meditates on the sea.

  8. Cliffe says:

    Having just spent a week on the shore of my beloved Sea, I hear her invitation to me to be, again, in your words. Thank you.

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