chum for the gods

We’re chum for the gods,
dropped into the sea
to lure out the beauty
stored in deep water
from before time began
when only mineral
and fire ruled the earth.
She can’t resist
the sparkling scales
of our foolish wit,
the way we twist and turn
in shifting currents,
singing to her
of the times
we walked together,
longing for her graceful hands
to lift us once more
onto the sunlit shore
of our belonging.



Waldron Sky at Dusk


9 Responses to “chum for the gods”

  1. T Johansson says:

    OH, YEAH! Kudos, Poet Brother…

  2. tom wilson says:


  3. keith fairmont says:

    From one chum to another — let’s keep on walking!

  4. Pichay says:

    Whatever Earth Mother has need of by my hand, she shall have it.

  5. Jude says:

    oh Don, what a spin of the lure. I am caught with these words.

  6. bill dare says:

    Thank you for your Beauty, Brother.

  7. Kaia says:

    What a sweet scene you had painted…

  8. david banner says:

    I smiled all the way through this one, Don.

  9. David Barnes says:

    lovely Don

    water air earth fire moving in eternal & transcendent rhythm through the sacred cycles of this holy earth

    the holy earth of my own body

    excerpt from a Greater Work

    and so we all look forward to ever more from you

    lifted up upon our sunlit shores

    within the Everlasting db

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