Back to the Forest

I am the face behind the face,
the watcher behind eyes.
I’ll slip this skin
like a bright fish
glistening in the sun
but starving for water,
wriggling free of your hands
back into the deep pool,
a glint of gold and silver
darting through the stream.
That color, that liquid,
that shining skin,
that is me
but not all of me;
I am what the river
cannot hold.
I swim inside this skin
but I’ll slip it soon
and take another.
The stars will take me
and warm sand
waiting at the shore.
The deep sea will take me
and trails along the mountain.
Where I go you will not follow
yet I’ll break from the brush
to see you once more,
a deer with her fawns
crossing the road
thin legged and lithe
then go like a spirit wind
back to the forest.





16 Responses to “Back to the Forest”

  1. Grant says:

    Pray tell,what is the photo? Would it be purple pine cones and….?

  2. Pichay says:

    ….and in an atmosphere of celebration. Thank you, Don.

  3. Jack says:

    ohhhhhhh……I can easily slip into the skin of this poem Don…….such lovelies you’ve written here……..and, I can easily see this one being put to song……

  4. Poignant. Gives me shivers. Brings up sadness, loss, and great hope, all in the same poem.

  5. Maria Frid says:

    Yes, I will go but now I see! Love you Don and your songs too!

  6. Paul Blythe says:

    Sensitive acknowledgement of our many visits the timeless world of Now Here.

  7. Tom walsh says:

    Beautiful Don…

  8. thomas mcdermott says:

    lovely imagery!

  9. David Banner says:

    We have slipped the skin many times and will again, for sure….as we glory in the experience of being alive on Planet Earth….

  10. Elizabeth Nunn says:

    “I am what the river cannot hold”

  11. Marco says:

    Lovely Don … don’t slip that skin too soon tho … 🙂 Love you!

  12. Chip Grant says:

    ………right to the heart for me!

  13. the many faces and forms of our love and our bond

  14. Yes, so wonderful that we are more than meets the eye- we are the force
    behind the wonder of it all. Thanks Don

  15. Referring to “Back to the Forest”

    Liquid beauty viscerally. I bathed in your knowing. Now, that’s Attunement. ⚡️

  16. Chaz says:

    Thanks for the elegant reminder, Don.

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