When You Choose

Sometimes you choose
and sometimes you don’t,
you chase after life
when all you want
may be hidden beside you.
Go ahead and make your plans;
somewhere along the road
where the pavement gives out
you might have to walk
and what you didn’t choose
may find you,
the fear of that sucking
like a trap below the sea.
You might drown
in what you didn’t want
or you may find yourself
in the old woman
with her sorrows,
the bright faced children
adopted from horror
eyes dancing with light,
or you may not,
its up to you
even when you don’t choose.




9 Responses to “When You Choose”

  1. Tom Figel says:

    Don, very true. Thanks for the smart reflection. We were just talking about you this morning.

  2. Hal Bond says:

    This is such an apt and timely poem, Don. We are all searching for something, and sometimes it is hidden right next to us. It is good to remember that it will be revealed when the time is right.

  3. Pichay says:

    Hmmm…maybe its that way, maybe its another. Grist for the mill of consciousness clarity. In the midst, I AM, serving–currently from this side. Does serving continue on the other side? No one on this side knows. Does anyone know what any adventure might bring? Not into it is here, now, in one’s lap. Then one must act to one’s highest. Such is incarnate life. Thank you, Don.

  4. I’m so grateful that what I didn’t choose found me! It saved my life.
    Thanks, Don.

  5. John Albright says:

    Ahh life. She’s a mystery but no mystery at all. Right on time.

  6. Athena Coleman says:

    I love the rich dichotomy of this poem. It takes a deft hand to describe this aspect of life and you have done this well. Reading it frees up my mind and I feel the vastness of it washing over me. Thank you, Don.

  7. David Banner says:

    A complex.multi-layered yet poignant poem.

  8. Ron Laws says:

    Love the light that some choices bring – as well as the magnificence that emerges from darkness.

  9. Jim Ehmke says:

    Yes, “it’s up to me, even when I don’t choose.” This is when the self-active mind — the ego — chooses for me automatically spinning its tales of judgement, pain, sin, guilt, fear, woe and worry………unless I consciously choose the spirit mind of peace, forgiveness, kindness and non-judgement.

    All the “action” is in the mind.

    Choose again.

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