Spring Trio

Still in the Calm


The onshore breeze chimes
through broad leafed trees
with sound like a wave
curling to shore;
tender light,
the sound of a bird,
something resting
still in the calm,
ready to awaken
as the deep sea rises.




Keeping Faith


The path is long
with steep grades
and sharp angles.
What waits at the top
but more mountains
and the certainty
of climbing.




One River


Gathered within
like water in the earth
the underground river
flows in silence,
the current
of all that lives
in the mystery of time;
one river, one life,
ten thousand faces.




Cloud Drama





           photo by Patrick Orleman





5 Responses to “Spring Trio”

  1. Dorian says:

    Lovely, Don. Thank you.

  2. Eric Dunn says:

    I so enjoy your poetry Don. You have a wonderful way of saying so much in just a few words. A gift I admire..

  3. Athena Coleman says:

    I strive to maintain just a fraction of the strength I find in your poetry, Don. It is at once, powerful, humble and kind. Thank you for continuing to share it with all of us.

  4. Thank you Don for the deep river of awareness your poetry evokes and
    truth if reveals within.

  5. tom wilson says:

    These poems bow to nature like those of the ancient Chinese masters.

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