Blank Tablet

The morning is white
as if nothing were written
on the tattered parchment,
as if sky awaited
new color, new clouds,
new waves on the ocean,
new trees to break open
in shining green,
all of it new
and you
sitting here with me,
what will we write
on the blank tablet
of the world?




Waldron Sunrise, 10-2014


15 Responses to “Blank Tablet”

  1. T Johansson says:

    YES! I have always lived for mornings…

  2. maria says:

    Exquisite. A pure, fresh morning hymn.

  3. Robin Bryant says:

    This says it all for me Don. ‘We’ as I see it, is the whole human race. What is ‘new’ that is longing to come forth from our inherent brilliance, integrity in every facet of Life on Earth. A blank tablet that awaits our intuition, imagination, perspective, Love, our new way of SEEING . . . EVERYTHING!

  4. Virginia Schoen says:

    It’s up to us isn’t it!!

  5. Paul Blythe says:

    We shall write inspiring invitations to drop all the judgement about yesterday. We have Now and if we find agreement, we will allow the future to reflect our love, Now.

  6. Tom Figel says:

    Don, you express optimism well, and, even more, the gift of it. Thank you.

  7. David Banner says:

    That is the question: what SHALL we write? A more important question, I cannot imagine…….

  8. thomas mcdermott says:

    nicely done as usual Don. I’ve been in New Zealand the last couple of months and have enjoyed all your poems. Hope to cross paths soon.

  9. Pete Lepanto says:


  10. Pichay says:


  11. gus duffy says:

    pen or pencil?

  12. Sarah Hanson says:

    ‘all of it new’, YES, ALL of it. A Fresh Opportunity, This Moment, Now, to Create Together………

  13. John Gray says:

    “Lord, I thank you every day for new paper and new writing instrument. I hold them, and my hand is yours.”

  14. David Barnes says:

    “and you
    sitting here with me
    what will we write”

    Exquisite, simple, radiant meditation, extending an open invitation to participate in the Creation of this newly dawning day.

    Thanks Don

  15. Eilish says:

    There is always so much possibility

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