Cold and wet
feel like home
in the spring passage;
clouds piling against the mountains,
the quiet mauve of plum leaves,
above the streets a gaudy pink.
Why don’t I color
like the cherry blossom?
Does the earth bear a deeper joy
even when suffering?
The hard task
is to lay open the heart
like the flowering trees,
to dig down into the earth
and lift our faces
to whatever the sky will bring.




Linda spring


18 Responses to “Easter”

  1. bill dare says:

    Beautiful reflection to go with your photo, Don.

  2. Robin Bryant says:

    .. to whatever the sky will bring. This sense of extraordinary, limitless possibilities that go beyond the sky, is what fills my heart this day. May our new moon remind us of our belonging to every living thing. Newness.

  3. Yes, the earth bears a deeper joy even when suffering. That teaches me, and gives me hope, too.

    Beautiful, Don!

  4. Marco says:

    Gracias amigo

  5. Jack says:

    Yes Don, that IS the hard task……..and, once again, I touch just a wee bit of heaven when I read your poems…..thanks……

  6. Rose says:

    Yes, I’ve always felt that achingly open gift of the blossoming trees…

  7. David Kyle says:

    Thanks again brother, for channeling the beauty in and around us.

  8. dennis lopez says:

    Flowers a bloom down this way-I love the Azaleas! And we’ve got enough Rhodies to fill Manhattan.

  9. Yes it is stunning …..this blossoming forth .. as it is when one of us unfastens the chains that have held us put in any one state of being that does not serve our spirit. The seasons play a role in that for sure. Thankyou for such a poignant reminder.

  10. Jude says:

    Oh if only I could lift my face and blossom a fresh gaudy pink!!!

  11. Paul Blythe says:

    Easter is more than “good friday.” What lives never dies! Yes, Earth can bares a deeper joy, even when suffering. You have my agreement while it is still Easter for you.

  12. Thanks Don, there is something about appreciation that make the flower
    complete. I love how the picture says this even without words and I love
    how your words make the picture even larger.

  13. tom wilson says:

    I love the way this poem moves. Like a river instinctually seeking the sea.

  14. Chaz says:

    “To lay open the heart like the flowering trees, to dig down into the earth
    and lift our faces”…I’ve been inspired in the last few years, mostly by the work of Joanna Macy and The Works that Reconnects, to consider deeply the connection between my willingness to truly grieve and the healing of our Earth… I feel so grateful to have allies such as you in lifting my face to my own pain and that of the world, and letting my life be dedicated to this healing!

  15. David Banner says:

    You are basically saying “love it all”…which is the theme of my new book.

  16. Virginia Schoen says:

    Your last two poems have deeply touched me… Thank you

  17. Meridy says:

    Beautiful and touching words of truth, Don. Thank you. xoxo

  18. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    This beautiful poem asks an intriguing question, “Why don’t I color like the cherry blossom? Every line on my face is an expression of the experiences I have had. I think of that old saying…….the god that you worship is written on your face. That thought thrills me to no end as I wait to see what the sky will bring.

    Thank you, Don! I love your poems!

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