One Night Soon

One night soon I will follow the moon’s path

across the wide channel and over the islands

threaded like rosary beads

to the magician cap mountains

where white ice gleams in lunar glow.

I will find the place where ravens are born

always dark and always light

a kingdom of wind sound and silver tipped forest.

The yellow path across the water will take me there

and one night soon I will go.


7 Responses to “One Night Soon”

  1. Randy Hobbs says:

    This is a very nice poem Don. Where white ice gleams in lunar glow.
    I like that line a lot.

  2. Barbara Cox says:

    The moonlight across the water. Very nice piece Don.

  3. This poem feels like my life. It speaks to the dark places in my heart. Not a negative dark, just a different color. I felt at home when I read it.
    Thank you, Don.

  4. Bill Dare says:

    The quickening calls us all… thanks for this reminder Don.

  5. Roger Thomas says:

    Hail the deconstructionist in all of us, who sees what they need to. I was drawn in by the pace of the reading: So calm, and centered. I envy being there.

  6. Kay O'Neill says:

    thank you,Don. I have been watcching the full moon these nights. Your poem helps me to reflect on my sense of being led to something new and that I trust each piece of the path asa it comes
    god bless

  7. Seems to me you’ve gone there often…and taken us with you if only in day dreams.

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