Every Sign and Signal

Let the river wash me today

the moss and brown duff

soften my footprint

the flicker of bird wings

quiet desire;

moonlight paints the land

in a silver unseen

‘til I rise and enter the night;

clouds boil through the valley

trees awash with summer rain,

every sign and signal given.


5 Responses to “Every Sign and Signal”

  1. Sitting in my garden this morning I watched two hummingbirds give me “what for” because they were out of sugar water. I smiled and chuckled. Some signs and signals are noisy.

    But all are welcome.

  2. Christy White says:


  3. Ron Silver says:

    I loved the image “let the river wash me today.” For a Jew who has never been baptized, but has been washed by a river, it brings up a feeling of deep soul cleansing.

  4. Bill Dare says:

    The first gift is awareness, my Friend. Thanks for sharing yours so artfully.

  5. dennis lopez says:

    wonderful as always Don….how is the island this summer?….i loved the quiet of islands, the quiet here….the quiet in your words…

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