Salt Sea Womb

The sea drums slowly upon the shore
in a steady pulse thrown down
on the resting beach,
the sound lifted from the sand
to the shale and green tree canopy
spread over the narrow strip
of mountain above water,
a sea message sent
to the center of the earth
with a returning song
of darkness to light,
root and rock’s calling
to the salt sea womb,
changing, changing,
yet always the same,
the tide, the pulse,
the sound of life
and the mystery.





4 Responses to “Salt Sea Womb”

  1. Eilish says:

    I can really feel the healing nature of the water in this

  2. Paul says:

    Like the human womb, the sea nurtures a mystery, only foretold by this poem!

  3. Jack says:

    I can hear and feel the vibrations and reverberations all the way here, Don……..well spoken…

  4. Beautiful, Don — thank you.

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