Mouth of the Earth

I am fallen from the highest branch
through cold air and strong wind
to soften and decay
in the mouth of the earth
becoming food for darkness,
green unto summer.






7 Responses to “Mouth of the Earth”

  1. Eleanor GillMilner says:

    Yes. That was not so difficult now, was it?

  2. Tom Wilson says:

    Good one, Don. Rilke said all life was a falling. And giving assent to that falling, as in your poem, is how we become earthly, and can be, if only once, fully here.

  3. Sarah Hanson says:

    So beautiful, life, and, so simple, actually, the process……..Thank you, Don.

  4. Maria Frid says:

    I have fashioned myself with the minerals of the earth and when I finish my work, I return the generosity. Thank you for enunciating this amazing process, Don!

  5. Don, I am reminded by this what my friend said this week-end, that the whales have finished their work here and that is why we see them beaching. We all have work here, right now mine is to appreciate your lovely two poems. Thanks.

  6. Rose says:

    This one says to me that it could be a choral song. I will have some time for composing again soon. Would it be all right with you if I see what more it wants to become?

  7. Bill Dare says:

    Leafy goodness..

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