Rich Vein of Silence

The water lays still, unmoving

in the sweet interval between dark

and first light, the cool air settled

without dawn’s draft of warmth

to raise the early breeze.

In that quiet space

the heart lays open and still

feeling the movement toward light

resting in the rich vein of silence

calmly reaching into the depth

while across the sea only peace.


5 Responses to “Rich Vein of Silence”

  1. Dawn in the desert
    One can hear the scritching of small dry-bred creatures hurrying home.
    The stone fountain was a gift we joyously set up last night.
    Today, filled with water bubbling over it’s square sides
    I listen to the unusual music of moisture.
    And find echoing wetness of gratitude in my eyes.

  2. love the image of the “rich vein of silence”

  3. maria frid says:

    All is quiet in the stillness of dawn when human hearts slumber. This is a rich time for reflection. This is lovely, Don!

  4. Randy Hobbs says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  5. Bill Dare says:

    Thanks for your many gifts of Joy in this man’s Heart.

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