This is the Moment

The wind is cold on rock point

gulls cry out echoing aloneness

crows bark to protect their young fledges

as eagle rides the thermals.

It’s warmer in the cabin, easier

to drink tea within the comfort

than here where the air bites

and a grey chill presses down.

She’s found Herself

emerged from Her chrysalis;

I see Her moving upon the water

lifting with the gusts

that blow the rushing tide.

I will be known in this place

my life force dropping into bedrock

reaching out to the occasional seal

and rippling water stretching to the distance.

Long bronze grasses bend in the wind

sun breaks from a mass of clouds;

She is awake in Her subtle movement;

this is the moment I live for.


6 Responses to “This is the Moment”

  1. Christy White says:

    I like the mood of this. Enjoyed the cold wind and water feeling (as in chilly skin) especially since it is so HOT in Arizona right now. Just read some of W.S. Merwin’s poetry, too, and can draw some parallels that I enjoyed.

  2. William says:

    this moment is mine
    this moment divine
    –no. it is thine
    o life sublime

  3. Lawrence Hudetz says:

    Parallels also the Judy Collins “Albatross”:

  4. Ted B;ack says:

    Great, and thank you. You’ve caught the moment………………

  5. dennis lopez says:

    I wonder what would happen if we all placed our hands on the earth at once, just for a few moments, to let her know we outnumber the armed crusaders….

  6. I felt the calm waters and let my mind drift to the rocky shore where I sat in wool sweater and cap drinking in the salty air and lapping up the cold wind before it chilled my bones.

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