Dream Bridges Video


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  1. Ted Black says:

    Lovely! Thank you, Don and Sandy ……. Dorian

  2. Jack says:

    So beautiful Don……lyrical and a living dreamscape…..

  3. A bridge from the deepest dark. That’s beautiful, Don. In my checkered experience, sometimes honoring the deepest dark until the bridge emerges takes more courage than I’ve got. I’m grateful to be reminded of how things really work. You’re one of my greatest and most reliable creative process allies, brother.

  4. Paul Blythe says:

    I can only echo Lloyd’s words. We both see that courage is needed to move to move toward that deepest dark!

    Thanks, as always, you help me to see, what is only felt in my experience.

  5. Don Hynes says:

    This will be my first “comment” on Poet’s Journal but your words Lloyd demand it. Indeed, it is the descent or willingness to enter the “deepest dark” (a time so evident in our world today) that the poem calls to, for me as well as any reader, and it is from this dark that the bridge emerges.

  6. David Banner says:

    Absolutely stunning…thank you, Sandy…this brings a whole new dimension to the poem……..I’m BREATHLESS!

  7. You inspired me, Don!

    Three Haiku — Vigil for the Bridge

    Fear of darkness fades
    with hope. Both gone. Waiting blind,
    grateful I don’t see.

    Pierced! My sudden bridge
    a spirit arrow’s fierce flight
    carrying my heart.

    Harsh surprise! This arch
    yields no path to others—just
    lone passage for one.

  8. Don and Sandy— Your respective voices harmonize powerfully in this collaboration. Bravo!

  9. Ron Skene says:

    Don.. wonderful to hear your voice in the flow of Sandy’s images… thanks to you both.

  10. Pichay says:

    Ask not for whose car the bridge tolls, it tolls for thine.

    Thank you, Don and Sandy. This audio/visual deepens the dimension to your expression,

  11. ron laws says:

    Such a wonderous process creating, emerging- from looking at the soul to looking from the soul. Our mother, entering a dark nite – perhaps birthing a new day perhaps not

  12. Jim Ehmke says:

    Sweet and heartfelt. Loved your comment on forgiveness; the dream of light that corrects the dream of darkness so prevalent in this world. Forgiveness is for giving. Let me give it.

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