Speak with Desire

With the curiosity of a seal
I stand above the emerald water
looking down at thousands of tiny fish
breaking surface in rippling circles.
The tide slowly lifts in the afternoon sun,
the last days of warmth before the coming rain,
a blanket that will soon cover us
through long months of growing dark
as mushrooms rise through the wet ground
and like our dreams freed from the burden of light
speak with the desire held too long in the earth.



Walking in a fog


5 Responses to “Speak with Desire”

  1. Tom Wilson says:

    This poem “bathes in the tides of nature” (Thoreau) beautifully. Spring and summer are beautiful, but it is in fall that brings my being into contact with the earth and the universe.

  2. Pichay says:

    ….fish are fattening, bears just eating, plants dropping seed, etc, as the Mother of All prepares her varied brood for a season’s sleep, drawing back into the root of consciousness that will one day open again to rejuvenation.

  3. David Banner says:

    Don….my dreams of late have been speaking with desire…I feel big change coming……,,

  4. Such a beautiful analogy to see the wet ground as our own fertile ground for personal growth and the mushrooms as our gold rising up out of shadow. Stephen King was once asked why he chose horror as his primary theme as a writer. He answered, I don’t have a choice. Don, you just churn it out every day so well. I suspect you don’t have a choice. Keep’em coming…………

  5. Chestee says:

    So true and sweet.

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