Autumn Fire

Waters grey as the skies close
and the first breath of autumn
enters from the south
with light wind and cool air;
gulls speak to the change,
crying awake to the stirring sea,
tall fir and madronne
gathering the signal
to descend and let go
as the fire begins to light,
the rush of color
deepening the music
of autumn on the wind.




9 Responses to “Autumn Fire”

  1. Linda says:

    As I sit here at my desk on this grey morning…how wonderfully you captured the sorrow of summer going

  2. David Banner says:

    Don…the leaves are ablaze here, too……no “waters greying” but I am sure that is so for you there….what a wonderful time of year!

  3. Tom Figel says:

    Sure, Don. Your favorite season, and no mention of football in today’s verse. I guess you are working up to it.

  4. thomas mcdermott says:

    Lovely poem. I feel more bittersweet about the fall. The colors are awesome and the cool night air refreshing but always knowing that the dark, cold, wet winter is not far behind.

  5. Lee Cundiff says:

    A good way to begin the day, thinking of Autumn. Very nice Don!

  6. Maria Frid says:

    I welcome autumn, although my love for summer is unconditional. The flaming colors give us specific vibrations needed for a healthy, vibrant endocrine system, I believe anyway. The spectacle also give us delight and an opportunity to see the best show in town! Thank you for your beautiful poem, Don.

  7. Beautifully, almost irresistibly visual! It also means school starts on Monday!
    Love it!

  8. Pichay says:

    The quietude of Autumn beckons a duet with my own seasonal silence.

  9. Bill Dare says:

    Ah yes, Nature informs…

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