Speaking in Tongues

The old man’s shell cracks
hard as walnut,
thick as a tombstone,
hungry for the green wave
with tears of desire
his white arms reach,
uncoiling, irresistible,
speaking in tongues,
searching for God.




9 Responses to “Speaking in Tongues”

  1. Gene Latimer says:

    …i feel the ache

  2. Jim Ehmke says:

    ….and he realizes he and God are one.

  3. I am reminded of the old man (astronaut) at the end of the Kubrick film “2001 A Space Odyssey.” Don’s poem brings back that haunting sequence.

  4. Tom Wilson says:

    You capture what Joseph Campbell pointed to as the way out of the Wasteland: “You must find the source that makes things green.” And, for me that divinity resides within nature.

  5. Beth Marks says:

    poignant indeed; thank you, Don

  6. Bill Dare says:

    Thank you Elder.

  7. David Banner says:

    Don, poignant indeed. You can feel his angst and deep longing……

  8. T Johansson says:

    This raw truth squeezes my heart, speaks of so many. Three suicide interventions this past week. It doesn’t have to be this hard…

  9. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don. For those for whom the search is over–having simply let go of their notions of “God”–they are blessed indeed.

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